Hello World!

Yes, it’s a silly title, but isn’t that how all good programs start?


Hi! This is Debbi, Warped Weaver and Webmaster, which I think makes me WWW (that’s “trip-dub” to those of us in the know). Although I should let Caryn write the first post, there’s something about being the webmaster. As in, I’m closer to the keyboard than anyone else.


Welcome to a New Year (2016) and a New Look for the Yarnivore website! I’ll be working over the next few weeks to make the site bigger, better, and more responsive to you, our friends and customers. You’ll find our classes, calendar, hours and location here, just as you always did. If you have any suggestions about other things you’d like to see, just fill out the contact form over in the Find Us page, and I’ll see what I can do.


Back to the keyboard now,