Log Cabin, But It’s Not A Quilt

Hi there!  Debbi here again, but in my role as Warped Weaver, not as Webmaster.


Let's take a look at a fun weave called Log Cabin.  It's not the quilting version of Log Cabin, but it does share a few characteristics.  Log Cabin is a color-and-weave structure, which simply means it gets much of its charm from color interplay rather than structure itself. In this case, light and dark threads alternate in both the warp and the weft to create the illusion of large blocks being woven.  The trick to creating the illusion is changing the alternation pattern of light and dark threads in both the warp and the weft.


In the piece below, I'm alternating smaller blocks with larger ones.  The small blocks are threaded and woven in a D-L-D-L-D-L pattern.  The large blocks are threaded and woven in a L-D-L-D-L-D-L-D-L-D pattern.  When the piece is woven in the same order, it tricks the eye into seeing blocks of colors running warp-wise or vertically and other blocks running weft-wise or horizontally.  Typically, the blocks that appear to be running vertically seem to advance while the blocks running horizontally appear to recede  Fun, huh?  It's the illusion of texture where there is no more texture than tabby or plain weave gives.


Log Cabin Woven Scarf
Log Cabin Woven Scarf on the Loom

When you're weaving the piece, it can be hard to see the color interplay.  Step back from the loom and you can really see what's going on.  In the piece above, I'm alternating Malabrigo Rios in Indiecita with Malabrigo Rios in Purple Mystery.  I can hardly wait to get it off the loom and finish it.  Since it's Malabrigo, it should be very soft.  Come by the shop and see it on the Cricket loom!


For you multi-shaft weavers, Log Cabin is a good introduction to Shadow Weave, another structure that gets much of its charm from the interplay of alternating colors.  You can see in the photo below how the natural and rose alternating threads appear to make a pattern in a structure that is mostly (but not totally) plain or tabby weave.  Shadow Weave needs a minimum of 4 shafts, but Log Cabin can be done on a rigid heddle loom.

Shadow Weave scarf
Shadow Weave scarf


I'll be teaching a Log Cabin weaving class on Saturday, January 30.  There are spots open, so come sign up!


Weave on!

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  1. Hi Debbi, This is Paula Mazur. George repaired my mom’s walking spinning wheel about a year or 2 ago. Would like to sell the wheel now and you asked me to let you know when I wanted to sell it. If you are interested or know someone who is please let me know.

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