Class and Lesson Prices Changing On July 15

For over 9 years, Yarnivore has provided affordable in knitting, crochet, weaving, spinning, and more. Taxes & costs have gone up and so we have to change our prices for the first time ever. We put it off as long as we could, and we still aim to keep fiber arts education at Yarnivore affordable!

On July 15, the following prices will go into effect
• Regular Private Lessons will be $18 for 55 minutes with the instructor.
• Half lessons will be $10 for 25 minutes with the instructor
• Group Private Lessons (2 or more people sharing the hour) will be $12 per person for a 55 minute session.
• All group classes will go up by $3 across the board – for example, Fixing Mistakes will go up from $20 to $23, Beginning Crochet will change from $30 to $33, etc.

If you register and pay for a class (even if the class is to be held AFTER the price change) before the price change happens, you will be charged the OLD price.

Until July 15, pre-purchase up to 10 Private lessons at the OLD price, and then use them as you need them (sort of like the “forever” stamps at the Post Office).

As always, “counter help” (help that takes less than 15 minutes of staff time) is free and will always be free at Yarnivore.

We love our customers and students and we hope that y’all will always find Yarnivore your home for yarn and learning!