Yarnivore Summer Games

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Starts this Friday at 6 pm!

Are you going to be following the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio? Do you love the gymnastics? Weight lifting? Soccer? Track & Field? Swimming? Or do you just love the spectacle of athletes from around the world engaged in peaceful competition?

Whatever reason you love it, we know that you will be knitting, crocheting, spinning, and weaving as you watch. So, we’re adding a bit of competition for YOU!

We’ll have daily lunch & dinner time sit-and-stitch time every weekday, too. For more info, see our Facebook page!

Introducing the 2016 Yarnivore Summer Games!

The rules:
1. ​Enter in one of the following categories (sign up HERE):
​Afghan Marathon (blankets of all shapes & sizes, including baby blankets & cocoons)
Bag Backstroke (bags, totes – anything you put stuff in and carry around)
Hat Dash (headwear of any type – beanies, toques, berets, baby hats, etc)
Shawl/Scarf Sailing (for anything you wrap around your neck and/or shoulders, including cowls)
Synchronized Spinning (start and finish a spinning project)
Wild Card (anything that doesn’t fit in the above categories – sweaters, socks, toys, and more)
2. Cast on/chain/warp/start DURING or after the official Rio Opening Cermonies (Friday, August 5 at 6 pm Central time), either here at our kick-off evening, or at home.

3. Finish your project before the end of the Rio Closing Ceremonies (Sunday, August 21, 10 pm). We’ll have a closing ceremony party at the shop.

4. EVERY participant will receive a free gift!

5. Each finisher in an event will be entered into a drawing for a prize. You don’t have to be the best or the fastest, just finish.

6. To report your finished project, you have three options: 1) bring your project in and show us!, 2) Post on Facebook, using the tags #yarnivoresa & #yarnivoresummergames, 3) Post on Instagram and tag #yarnivoresa & #yarnivoresummergames

7. We will have Knit/Crochet Night/Parties for Opening Ceremonies (Friday, August 5) and Closing Ceremonies (Sunday, August 21)

While our event is modeled after the Ravelry Ravellenic Games (and we encourage you to participate there as well), we are not associated with them in any way, nor with the US Olympic Committee or the 2016 Summer Olympic Games.

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