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Goodbye, Your Purpleness

Like many of you, we were shocked and saddened to learn that Prince had died earlier today. We did what we always do when we’re sad – we go to Ravelry. There, we found a few patterns honoring Prince and his music. Hope you like these, too: Purple Rain Raspberry Beret

The Blonde One

Dawn is our daytime keep-everything-going-right employee. She’s fond of a good pun (but even fonder of a really BAD one), and she churns out ideas at about a mile-a-minute. When off-duty, she’s either biking (motor or pedal), kayaking, or playing with her canine furbabies. A multicraftual maven, Dawn is able to help with knitting, crochet, Read More …

Meet the Boss!

Meet Caryn! She’s our intrepid leader, herding the clowder of Yarnivore cats/staff with aplomb. We asked Caryn a few questions so you could get to know her better: 1. What is your favorite craft? Knitting. Sometimes weaving. Then, uhh, crochet. When those don’t work, painting. Don’t forget photography. I’ve also been known to scrapbook. (Can Read More …